The name of this site probably sounds CRAZY to a lot of people… It’ll be even more so as time goes on and some people I know who SWEAR they are cool, are not included on the site. But I digress. Contrary to what the name may imply, this site is not about bragging, it is actually about supporting the wonderful, talented, hardworking, caring individuals who have been placed in my life. For real!

The idea came from the fact that as a writer for an internationally read website, I don’t always get a chance to share EVERYTHING I want to put people on to in my work space. So I decided to create a forum by which I can showcase the talents and activities of my friends… who happen to be some pretty cool people. This isn’t a site to show off how many celebrities I know. As a matter of fact, the people who will be showcased here are not hugely famous… yet! This is my way of contributing to their story, while sharing a little bit of mine with those who care to read it.
From shows, to silly videos, to cool photos, to ridiculous text message convos and interesting twitter debates…

Welcome to the life I share with the cool people I know!