Is the album out yet? #PTFAO!

October 6th, 2015 by Boogie

The Saga Continues…

PTFAO - The Saga Continues...

You know what Rock City and Don Cannon have in common, other than this BANGIN A$$ PROJECT? They are grinders! They are SUPER talented. They are responsible for way more of the dopeness your ears have been blessed with than you realize. And they are RIDICULOUSLY SLEPT ON… not by the people who truly matter though. Those who appreciate music already know what it is. And that’s why Cannon and people the world over have joined the PTFAO movement. You should too!

Anywho… I sometimes have these prescient moments. And during one such moment, Timothy and Theron actually helped plant the seed that eventually led to Sometime last summer, I spent like a gazillion hours down at the artist factory interview and getting to know the guys. There was a lot of great conversation… and even funnier moments. This is why I <3 Rock City!

Make sure you cruise on over to and follow the PTFAO movement. Shout out to my RAYDAR/Cloud 9 Family!

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