Rapper Big Pooh’s SO COLD!

October 5th, 2009 by Boogie

While in the A for the A3C Hip-Hop Festival, which it took me THIS MANY DAYS to recover from, Rapper Big Pooh did me a SUPER SOLID. Despite the late hour, the fact that he was probably being harassed by mad people and the fact that there were SO MANY ACTS to catch, he gave me two separate interviews and like 5 drops. Now, I know y’all are saying that’s part of the job… but Pooh is currently in the process of putting together the follow up to his second solo album Delightful Bars. Did you know he made four versions of that album?

While we wait for the hotness, check out Pooh’s recent colab with Chaundon (another cool person I know), Joe Scudda (who’s number is randomly in my phone tho I’m quite sure we’ve never spoken) and Jozeemo (who we shall call the homie by association!) Click the photo for download.

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