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December 7th, 2011 by Boogie
The Anacaona Foundation Partners With Black Celebrity Giving For Diaper Drive Benefiting Haiti

The Anacaona Foundation Partners With Black Celebrity Giving For Diaper Drive Benefiting Haiti

The Anacaona Foundation – the organization launched by myself, my sister Dr. Didi Saint-Louis and our father Dr. Lafontaine Saint-Louis – is gearing up for its very first year of operation as a 501 (c) (3) and to get the ball rolling, we have partnered with for our very first initiative.

From Saturday, December 10, 2011 to Tuesday, January 10, 2012, we will be collecting diapers and training pants of all sizes as well as baby wipes to donate to two very worthy causes in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. We are accepting donations in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Phoenix.

The first is the Orphanage of Notre Dame Des Victoire, which our family has been supporting with supplies and financial gifts since the January 2010 earthquake. Already severely underfunded and still trying to recover from the earthquake, the orphanage recently suffered another setback, when Sister Marie Veronique, who had been running the orphanage for years, passed away unexpectedly. The orphanage is currently home to 15 babies and toddlers.

Our second cause is the Centre de Pediatrie (Pediatric Center) at l’Hôpital Général (General Hospital), which serves a great deal of the city’s population, seeing thousands of kids a month. Sadly, the hospital is also severly underfunded, sometimes not having enough of the basic necessities for even newborns delivered there.

If you have children, you know that in his or her first year of life, a baby can go through as many as 3,000 diapers. And you also know that parents give Pampers, Huggies, et al their hard earned dollars for at least three years. Our collection will provide this vital resource to the kids who have no one to make that sacrifice for them.

Here’s how you can help

* WE STILL NEED DROP OFF LOCATIONS!!!: If you are a business owner, promoter or a member of any organization that is willing to serve as a drop off location for our collection, please email us so that we can make the necessary arrangements.
Drop off locations can participate for as many days as their business will allow during the one month drive. In other words, you’re not locked in for 30 days. Whatever help you can give us is greatly appreciated!

*HELP US SPREAD THE WORD: Please feel free to repost this info, pass on the link and tell a friend to tell a friend. Also make sure you follow us (@AnacaonaFDN) and Black Celebrity Giving (@BlkCelebGiving) on Twitter. And tell a friend to tell their friends that too. Then…

Tweet For Us!!
Here are a few suggested messages you can post to help us spread awareness about our efforts:

– I’m helping @AnacaonaFDN & @BlkCelebGiving send 100K diapers to #Haiti this winter. You can too!! RT!!
– The @AnacaonaFDN & @BlkCelebGiving want to send 100K diapers to #Haiti this winter. You can help! RT!!
– Imagine buying diapers for 20 kids at once? Support @AnacaonaFDN & @BlkcCelebGiving’s #Haiti Diaper Drive! RT!!

*DIAPERS, DIAPERS AND MORE DIAPERS: Starting December 8, we will have drop off locations listed at If you are not in any of the cities where we are collecting or can’t get to any of our drop off locations, please email us and we will give you an address to which you can ship diapers.

And if you’re not able to send anything this time around, this is an initiative we will be undertaking at quarterly, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to help us out.

About The Anacaona Foundation:

In the weeks following the devastation of January 12, 2010, the people of Haiti were overwhelmed by the number of foreigners who were willing to help us out by any means necessary. However, like many, the founders of the Anacaona Foundation quickly found out that in many cases, when it came to creating strategies to help the Haitian people, we were being left out of the discussion. As hard as it is to believe, medical professional who headed to Haiti in the hours following the earthquake didn’t know that the country had a community of medical professionals who just needed a hand or the right equipment, for example.

The Anacaona Foundation was created to bridge the gap between those working in Haiti to improve Haiti’s future and the members of the international community who would like to help.

Our mission is to find international support, funding and resources for established non-profit and charitable organizations in Haiti working in the fields of health and education.

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